Test and Tag Services Price List:

Appliance Testing 

Minimum Charge for the first 20 items $89.00 * ^

21 to 99 - per extra item @ $3.50 Each ^

100 to 299 - per extra item @ $3.20 Each ^

300 to 499 - per extra item @ $3.00 Each ^

500 to 699 - per extra item @ $2.80 Each ^

 700+  - per extra item @ $2.60 Each ^

Other Appliance Testing 

3 Phase Appliance are $7.50 per Test #

Microwave Leakage Tests are $15 per Test #

RCD Tests are $20 per Test #

Appliances contained in a server rack are $5 per test #

Hard to access appliances i.e. When something needs to be dismantled to access the appliance/s is $5-30 per Test - Base on time to access, A price will be told you before we start this work. #

Exit and Emergency Lights Testing

Test for one (1) Exit or Emergency light $89 %

Additional Exit and Emergency lights at $ 10 per unit

Discount applies for locations with more than 15 Exit or Emergency lights

Please Note: All parts are extra cost

Contact us here for bookings

Above rates are applicable for Melbourne suburbs only, during office hours  - rates for after hours and outside Melbourne suburban areas are available upon request

* = Minimum charge for 1-20 items, with test reports after testing

^ = For your infomation: price per item tested for example, a Computer with a screen and desktop hard drive, will be 4 items, (1 screen, 1 desktop hard drive, 2 x power leads)

# Price for when Appliance Test And Tagging is being performed at the same time by us

% = With Reports after testing 

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