Test Intervals

Test Intervals

Appliance Test Intervals are set by AS/NZ 3760:2003
For further information, please contact us to confirm any questions you may have.

Appliances in Building and Construction
Every 3 Months

Appliances in Factories, workshops, places of work or repair, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance or fabrication
Every 6 Months

Appliances in Environments where the equipment or supply flexible cord is subject to flexing in normal use OR is open to abuse OR is in a hostile environment
Every 12 Months

Appliances in Environment where the equipment or supply flexible cord is NOT subject to flexing in normaluse OR is not open to abuse OR is not in a hostile environments
Every 5 Years

Appliances in Residential type areas of: hotels, residential, institutions, motels, boarding houses, halls, hostels, accommodation houses and the like
Every 2 Years

Equipment used for commercial cleaning
Every 6 Months

Hire Equipment (Inspection)
Prior to hire

Hire Equipment (Test & Tag)
Every 3 Months

Repaired, serviced and second-hand equipment
After repair or service which could affect electrical safety, or on re-introduction to service

Exit And Emergency Lights
Every 6 Months

Our Test and Tag Technicians will be able to work with you to help you understand the standards for your location.
Please give our office a call or email if you would like more information on testing Internals

Matthew Costin - Test & Tag