RCD (Safety Switch) Testing

RCD Testing (Safety Switch Testing)

What are Residual Current Devices (RCD)?
An RCD is an electrical switch designed to prevent electrocution by cutting power when a hazardous situation occurs.

Is RCD Testing Compulsory?
The Work Safe branch of the Victorian Work Cover Authority (VWA) advises that AS/NZS 3760:2001 is the minimum requirement to fulfill the care obligations specified in the Victorian OH&S acts.

What is to be tested?
Power points in the work place which are protected by an RCD.

How often should RCD be tested?
AS/NZS 3760:2001 Standard requires RCD (Safety Switch) testing to be done with a digital tester every 12 months. In additional testing is required to be performed on switch boards every 3 months. Both tests are vital to ensure that all power points operate the RCD switches according to the standard, ensuring safety within the work place.

What tests and data are necessary?
The tests below are performed every 12 months using a digital meter:
• Vc- Voltage contact test
• Ma- Milli amp test
• Ms- Milli sec test
• Vs- Supply voltage test
• After each set of tests are completed the RCD is reset and the next power point is tested.
• An individual number is given to every power point so it can be logged.
(The information is then recorded in a data folder which is kept at your work place.)

Please Note: power supply will be interrupted during the process of testing. Testing on one RCD takes under 10 minutes on average. Testing of RCD’s outside of Business Hours can be arranged and we will provide a quote for this after hours work. Access to your switchboard is required for this testing.

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