Exit and Emergency Light Testing

Exit and Emergency Light Testing

In the event of an emergency, loss of power or fire, your building’s Exit and Emergency Lighting must provide adequate lighting and signage for your staff and visitors to quickly and safely exit your premises (as per your Emergency Exit Procedures).

It is vital to ensure your Exit and Emergency Lighting system is functioning correctly in accordance with ‘Australian Standards 2293.2. Emergency Escape Lighting and Exit signs for buildings’

We perform an on-site audit, including inspection and testing of all your Exit and Emergency Lighting, in accordance with AS 2293.2. To meet the Australian Standard, this audit is required to be performed every six months.

Inspection and testing of Emergency and Exit Lighting

Prior to testing, we like to minimise any disruption to your business operations and will try to establish if the Emergency Lighting circuits are separate to other circuits or propose alternatives. 

We inspect ALL units for correct operation prior to testing and will replace any faulty globes/tubes (globes and tubes extra). We then isolate Emergency Lighting and Exit signs from the main power to test the lights’ battery back-up power – 90 minutes is required by law.

After the 90 Minutes we identify lights (if any) that do not meet the required battery operated time and we will reinstate Emergency and Exit Lighting and record test results for each lighting point.

For our service to be complete, we will list the defective units for repair and recommend a course of action for the repair and/or replacement of any defective Emergency and Exit Lights.

Once the testing and any replacement works are completed we will provide a Certificate and a full log of the tests and results.

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