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Website Outage – Updated

Updated 02/07/18 6pm: Our Website is online again. Sorry for any inconvenience. Earlier: To all our Facebook and Website friends, we wish to apologise that our Website (including Online Chat) is currently offline. This is due to an issue that our Website Host Provider is experiencing and which they have advised will exist till tomorrow,

Updated Privacy Policy

Updated Privacy Policy We have recently updated our Privacy Policy (version: 20/05/2018) and made it available on our website to view and an option to download a PDF version if you wish to Print or Save. To view our Privacy Policy head to privacy policy page under contact us

News Alert !

With the colder weather just around the corner, now is the perfect time to have any portable electric heaters and devices tested for safe operation. Portable electric heaters can be hazardous if not operating correctly. Don’t take chances, contact us for our Test and Tag Service.

Support Desk Outage – Updated

Update(10/05/18): Our Support Desk technical issue has now been resolved. Although it has taken much longer than expected, our Support is back online. Thank you to our loyal clients for your patience. Earlier: Our Support Desk System is currently affected by a technical issue and is unavailable at this time. To contact us, please use

Matthew Costin - Test & Tag